Earlier today we locked down all of the Mythic Legions Backerkit add-ons and orders. This means three things…

1) Your order has been locked down and you can no longer change the items in your order. This is done so that we can get the total production numbers ready and get those over to the factory ASAP so we can begin full production.

2) You can still change your shipping address between now and about a week or two before we begin shipping all of the rewards and add-ons. We’ll make an announcement just before we’re ready to lock the shipping addresses down.

3) Your account should now have been charged for all of the add-ons and orders you placed through Backerkit, and you should have received an email to the address you supplied through Kickstarter informing you that your account has either been charged, or that your account was for some reason declined. If you received a “declined” notice (it looks like there were 28 accounts declined), please check your account to make sure the necessary funds are available, and Backerkit will automatically try to re-charge your account periodically.

Thanks to all of you amazing Mythic Legions backers!! You’ve really helped to launch something that’s been a dream of ours for a while, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for this fun little property!


p.s. Oh, and for those wondering, above and beyond the $452,528.00 that was raised through the Mythic Legions Kickstarter, there was another $86,684.00 worth of new add-ons sold through the Mythic Legions Backerkit! That’s a grand total so far of $539,212.00!! Wow!! We absolutely can’t thank all of you enough.

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