We just revealed some new Mythic Legions figures at the 2016 New York Toy Fair this past weekend, and we’d announced that some of them would be going up for pre-order through our online retail outlet, Store Horsemen, very soon. Our hopeful plan was to begin pre-orders this coming Monday, but we’re still waiting to hear back from the factory about the final production and tooling costs on the two Trolls we showed, so we’re going to have to back that pre-order up to next Friday. We know people are anticipating more characters from this line and we’re excited to get those into the hands of everyone who wants one as soon as possible, but we can’t really give out the exact cost of the Troll figures until we hear back from our factory.

Even without those numbers, we’re able to at least give you some information on this pre-order so that you can prepare for it. The pre-order will now officially begin on Friday, February 26th at 3:00pm EST on Store Horsemen, and we’re expecting the pre-order to run for about three weeks, ending on March 14th. Payment for the pre-orders will be collected at the time the pre-order is placed, and we’re hoping to begin shipping these figures out right after they debut at the 2016 Power Con convention in June. That last part just depends on how quickly we can get the production finished on these. Fingers are definitely crossed.

We can only give a fairly close estimate on the final cost of the two Trolls, but we think the numbers listed below are a pretty good assumption. The Forest Troll will have a different massive weapon from the Stone Troll, and we’ll be showing that as soon as it’s finished in the next couple weeks. The costs below don’t include shipping and handling charges and we will have an “all-in” and a couple of other multi-figure bundles available.

PIXXUS = $32.00 ea
SIR GODFREY = $32.00 ea
ILGARR = $32.00 ea
UNKANN = $32.00 ea
STONE TROLL = $100.00 ea (estimate)
FOREST TROLL = $100.00 ea (estimate)

PIXXUSspartanskeleton SIRGODFREYtemplarknight ILGARRundeadviking UNKANNorcweaponsmaster STONETROLL FORESTTROLL

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