The Mythic Legions 1.0 figures are finally finished, packed up, and ready to ship out to our warehouse from our factory overseas. If all goes as planned they should ship to us later this week or early next week and it normally takes six to eight weeks to hit the NYC ports, and then couple of days to make it through customs and get trucked the rest of the way to us. We’ll post another announcement once the figures are on the water and a third once they’ve arrived at our warehouse.

We’ve had internet and email problems for the past week or so, so if you need to adjust or cancel your recent Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.5 pre-order or alter your shipping address for any¬†Store Horsemen order and you’ve already emailed us about it, please read the instructions below and send another email just to make sure your email didn’t get lost or buried when we were having the internet issues. E-mail –

If you need to add items to your pre-existing order – our online store won’t allow items to be added to pre-existing orders. In order to add to your pre-order you have the following options. Either works fine for us. Please decide how you’d like to handle it and email us about it.

1) Cancel your current pre-order and create a new one including the new items you’d like to add. Your payment, if your pre-order has been processed, will be refunded via Paypal.

2) Place a new pre-order for the items you’d like to add to your current pre-order. Then e-mail us about it so we can alter your shipping charges for the new pre-order and we can also make a note to combine the new pre-order with your current pre-order so they can ship simultaneously.


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