We just got confirmation that Mythic Legions 1.0 have shipped from our factory and they’re currently crossing the Pacific Ocean on the way to our warehouse in New Jersey. That part of the shipping process can take anywhere from four to seven weeks depending on a number of factors, and then it could take from a couple days up to a week or so for the shipment to make it through customs after it hits the ports here un the United States. Then once the shipment FINALLY arrives here at the Four Horsemen Studios warehouse, it’ll probably take us a few days to get the roughly 25,000 figures organized in a way to make the shipping process out to all of you run smoothly.

Soooo, we can’t say for certain when the figures will begin shipping out to all of you just yet, but we do know that the final part of the process has finally begun and it won’t be long now before the Mythic Legions hordes are invading your houses and terrorizing your kids and pets.


Mythic 1.0

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