All of the Kickstarter backed Mythic Legions 1.0 All-In sets and 16-piece sets have all shipped (both domestically and international, and we’re currently shipping out all of the non-set rewards and misc. orders. We anticipate that taking about two weeks total. After those have all shipped out we’ll begin shipping all of the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.0 pre-orders from 2015, followed by the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions 1.0 pre-orders from a couple weeks ago. Even though we’ll be at Power Con this coming weekend, our shipping department will still be going full speed to get these things out to you ASAP.

People have been speculating that the reason we sent the larger sets out first is because those customers might have spent more money than others, but that’s not the case at all. We have a very limited space in our warehouse area for shipping purposes, so packing and shipping the larger orders first was an easy way for us to clear out as much workspace as possible in order to be able to fit more people into the shipping area so we can try to ship the rest of the orders out faster to you. Simple lack of useable space logistics.

Having mentioned Power Con, you might remember that we were going try to have the Mythic Legions 1.5 Unkann figure actually at the 2016 Power Con for sale, and we’ve managed to do just that! There are going to be a very limited amount of them available at the show that we’ve had (expensively) air-shipped from our factory to the show, but we just got word that they’ve arrived at our hotel and that means we’ll have them on-hand to sell directly to you if you’re in attendance. These are for sale only and we won’t be allowing pick-ups at the show for Store Horsemen pre-ordered items. For those of you who have pre-ordered the Unkann figure (as well as the rest of that Mythic Legions 1.5 wave) the fact that we’re able to get these in hand is good news for you as well. That means that the factory is nearing the finish of production for the main four figures and the two deluxe trolls shouldn’t be too far behind. If it looks like the trolls (which have to go through a different production process than the normal Mythic Legions figures) are going to be taking a lot longer to get in-hand, we’ll have the factory ship the four basic figures first, and we’ll send the trolls out separately at a later date at no extra charge to those who have pre-ordered them.

We just got in production samples of the latest wave of Gothitropolis and Mythic Legions bird figures as well. They look spectacular and we’re going to try to post a few pics of some of the stand-outs later today or tomorrow. As it stands, it looks like we’re going to get those in early to mid-summer at the warehouse and we’ll begin shipping those out to Store Horsemen pre-order customers as soon as they arrive.

We’ll keep you updated with more shipping and production news as we get it. The pic below is the shipping area of the Mythic Legions 1.0 figures at lunchtime today. We also tossed in a pic of the Unkann figure for you all to drool over until this weekend at the 2016 Power Con!




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