People have had questions about the scale of the Mythic Legions Forest Troll and Stone Troll, as well as other questions. Soooo we’re just gonna let the pics do the talking.

Also, a couple of reveals here as well. Not only the first look at the enormous mace that is going to come with the Forest Troll, but also – because fans requested it – the extra skull heads that are going to come with the Ilgarr and Pixxus figures!


ML1.5allin TROLLweapons FTROLLwmace FORESTTROLLmace ILGARRskull PIXXUSskull


Just a reminder that the pre-orders for the next group of Mythic Legions figures (ML1.5) will begin tomorrow – Friday February 26th – at 3:00pm EST. We’re going to run this pre-order until Monday, March 14th at 3:00pm EST, so that only gives you a couple of weeks to get your orders in for this pre-order release. Depending on the amount of pre-orders we get, there may be some up for sale through Store Horsemen again once the figures are in stock, but if there are, we don’t expect there to by too many, so pre-ordering now is your best bet to get the characters you want before they’re gone.

We apologize for the short pre-order time period, but we’re trying to get these pre-orders done and get the final orders in to the factory so that they can be finished and shipped to us in time for the figures to make their debut at the 2016 Power Con in June. It’s going to be tight, but it’s a good possibility that we can do it. The two trolls may take slightly longer, but we’re going to have them finished as well. Fingers crossed.

In the current images we have, the Forest Troll isn’t shown with a weapon. Rest assured that he will come with a huge spiked mace, and as soon as we have new photos of him with that, we’ll be posting them. Some of the other images are also shown with different weapons than were shown at the 2016 Toy Fair. The figures that were shown at Toy Fair a couple weeks ago depict a more accurate representation of the weapons they will each have.

It’s time to begin expanding the Legions. Tomorrow is your chance to start. Don’t miss out!




We just revealed some new Mythic Legions figures at the 2016 New York Toy Fair this past weekend, and we’d announced that some of them would be going up for pre-order through our online retail outlet, Store Horsemen, very soon. Our hopeful plan was to begin pre-orders this coming Monday, but we’re still waiting to hear back from the factory about the final production and tooling costs on the two Trolls we showed, so we’re going to have to back that pre-order up to next Friday. We know people are anticipating more characters from this line and we’re excited to get those into the hands of everyone who wants one as soon as possible, but we can’t really give out the exact cost of the Troll figures until we hear back from our factory.

Even without those numbers, we’re able to at least give you some information on this pre-order so that you can prepare for it. The pre-order will now officially begin on Friday, February 26th at 3:00pm EST on Store Horsemen, and we’re expecting the pre-order to run for about three weeks, ending on March 14th. Payment for the pre-orders will be collected at the time the pre-order is placed, and we’re hoping to begin shipping these figures out right after they debut at the 2016 Power Con convention in June. That last part just depends on how quickly we can get the production finished on these. Fingers are definitely crossed.

We can only give a fairly close estimate on the final cost of the two Trolls, but we think the numbers listed below are a pretty good assumption. The Forest Troll will have a different massive weapon from the Stone Troll, and we’ll be showing that as soon as it’s finished in the next couple weeks. The costs below don’t include shipping and handling charges and we will have an “all-in” and a couple of other multi-figure bundles available.

PIXXUS = $32.00 ea
SIR GODFREY = $32.00 ea
ILGARR = $32.00 ea
UNKANN = $32.00 ea
STONE TROLL = $100.00 ea (estimate)
FOREST TROLL = $100.00 ea (estimate)

PIXXUSspartanskeleton SIRGODFREYtemplarknight ILGARRundeadviking UNKANNorcweaponsmaster STONETROLL FORESTTROLL


The original release of our anthropomorphic avians was so incredibly popular that Four Horsemen Studios is doing it again! Next Friday, November 6th at 3pm EST thirteen new Mythic Legions characters will be going up for pre-order at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet, Store Horsemen (

We’re calling these feathered warriors Eathyron’s Dozen and the main character in this wave – Eathyron – will be a deluxe figure that will come with his own set of golden wings, and if all goes as planned, he’ll also be wielding the Heavensbrand sword! Eathyron will retail for $45.00 (plus shipping & handling).

All of the other characters in this wave will each come with their own character specific accessories (wings sold separately), and will retail for $35.00 (plus shipping & handling).

As with all of our other multi-character releases, if you want to pick up all 13 of these amazing action figures, we’re going to give you a discount on the overall price. You’ll be able to pick up Eathyron’s Dozen (including Eathyron himself) as a set for only $440.00 (plus shipping & handling). That’s $25.00 off!

A lot of people have been asking questions about this upcoming pre-order and we think they’re going to like the answers…

Will new wing colors be available for this wave? YES! Possibly some of the original colors as well. Available wing colors to be listed on Store Horsemen soon.

Will the Four Horsemen figure stands be made available again? YES! Those will go up for pre-order on Store Horsemen at the same time as the rest of the items.

Will any characters from the first release be made available again? YES! We’re going to pick the six most popular characters from the original release and make those available for pre-order at the same time as the rest of these figures. The Avian All-Stars will be available both individually for $35.00 each (plus shipping & handling) and as a set of six for $195.00 (plus shipping & handling), and character selection will be revealed on Store Horsemen soon.

Will Eagalus be made available again? YES! Eagalus is by far our most popular release of these guys to date, so he will be up for pre-order along with the rest of these figures, but he will not be part of the six figure Avian All-Stars set.

So you’ve got about a week and a half to prepare for the avian onslaught. Prepare your weapons and armor for the impending battle, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.E_DOZEN EATHYRON ARCHAEOPTERIX BUBOTROS CYANICUS DOMESTICUS DRAYLEEON MALLATARD OSPERUS PELECUS PHOENICIUS SCARLETROS TOUCARR TRUMPETUS EAGALUS



So the San Diego Comic Con for 2015 has come and gone and hopefully you all got a thrill out of some of our reveals for both Mythic Legions and Power Lords, as well as the reveals that Mattel unleashed that we were involved with – not the least of which were the reveal of the upcoming Snake Mountain playset for Masters of the Universe Classics and the announcement that they’ve acquired the license for Thundercats and we’re going to be doing all of the work on those figures for them. We’re really excited about the upcoming next few years because of all of this. Below are a few bullet-points giving you a bit of an update on the current status of things and a little bit of a look ahead as well.

– MYTHIC LEGIONS – As you saw at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, things are moving along well for Mythic Legions. We showed test shots (the first plastic that’s run through the steel molds) of many of the Mythic Legions characters and we’ll be taking detailed photos of all of the test shots and posting them online within the next week or so. We’re going over those test shots with a fine toothed comb now so we can let the factory know what adjustments need to be made on them and so far the changes have all been very minor. In all of the years we’ve been doing this, those first ML test shots may have been the best we’ve ever gotten. This means that the final product promises to be spectacular. We also revealed the first of our oversized or “deluxe” Mythic Legions characters – the Troll! It was just a very rough sculpture and there’s still a lot to do to make it a finished figure, but as you can tell from what’s already been done with it, the figure’s going to be amazing. It’ll have multiple variant versions – each with a different head, different weapons and a different “soft goods” (fur, leather, burlap, etc…) loincloth and will tower over all of the other current Mythic Legions figures. We’ll get better pics of that guy up soon before we go into the final sculpting stages on him soon as well. You may also have noticed a couple of new characters added to the birds line that used to be a part of our Gothitropolis property – the Hornbill and the Dragon. We’re going to go in and finish all of the paints on all of the prototypes that were on those shelves and hopefully do a pre-order for those and some of the previously released birds through Store Horsemen within the next month or so.

– POWER LORDS – An armored Adam Power and two armored aliens were added to the Power Lords cases as well as a couple of really freakily awesome variant versions of the alien Raygoth. Those are all being done in preparation for the pre-order and release of wave two of the Power Lords which will also include Sydot the Supreme and a few incredible variant versions of him. Shown were both two-up prototypes and 1:1 scaled prototypes and people were asking if we’re moving things to a 6″ scale with these. The simple answer for now at least is no. All of the upcoming releases will still fit in with all of your previously existing 4″ scaled Adam Power, Lord Power, Ggripptogg and Power Soldier figures. Watch here for more info coming soon about how you can get in on that pre-order.

– ON THE WAY – We sold lots of the SDCC/Store Horsemen shared exclusive Nimituss figure at the San Diego Comic Con, but they didn’t completely sell out there so we will have a very limited quantity of those up for sale on Store Horsemen very soon – possibly at the same time we do pre-orders for the new birds mentioned above. We were able to get them in time for Comic Con because we had some of the production run shipped to us there via FedEx. The remainder of the shipment, as well as all of the remaining replacement items (missing or damaged wings, bone wings and birds) are currently shipping to us from the factory via boat (the usual method) and are scheduled to arrive at our New York docks on August 8th. As soon as those get into our warehouse, we’ll begin shipping them out to everyone, and once all of that stuff has shipped, we’ll put an announcement up on


The pre-order for the Mythic Legions figures on Store Horsemen was scheduled to end today at 3pm, but not only is the pre-order actually going far better than we’d expected it would, but we’ve had quite a few fans contact us to ask if we could extend the pre-order by a few days just to make sure they’ve got the money to join in. Also, we’ve heard from our factory that since we’ve already given them a rough estimation of production numbers, they can use that for now and won’t need the final numbers for pricing and steel mold construction for a couple more weeks.

Because of all of this, we’ve decided to extend the Mythic Legions pre-order through Store Horsemen for one more week!! So now, the Store Horsemen Mythic Legions pre-order will end on Monday, 18th at 3pm EST. We’re sorry to say that we can’t extend the pre-order any longer than that in order to avoid production delays though.

Once production’s all finished, the figures are in our warehouse and we have all of the pre-orders shipped out to Kickstarter/Backerkit backers and Store Horsemen customers, we will have a small amount of all of the figures and sets on Store Horsemen available for purchase. But those quantities will be small, so to absolutely ensure that you get your hands on the Mythic Legions characters you want, be sure to pre-order yours soon! Just go to to get your hands on the Mythic Legions hordes today.



Just a reminder… Mythic Legions goes up for pre-order through Store Horsemen at 3pm EST today (Friday, May 1st). Just go to for details.


Mythic Press image_xsm

This Friday the most successful action figure line ever funded on KickstarterMYTHIC LEGIONS – goes up for pre-order on Store Horsemen! More than 30 different figures, legion builder sets, various weapons packs, and even the 48 page Mythic Legions art book will be up for grabs to those of you who weren’t able to participate in the record setting Mythic Legions Kickstarter campaign as well of those Kickstarter backers that want to add a few more items to their Mythic Legions hordes.


The Pre-order will begin at 3:00 pm EST on Friday, May 1st and will run at least until Monday, May 11th at 3:00 pm EST. Please be aware that the money for this pre-order will be collected at the time of the purchase or very soon thereafter, we’re expecting the figures to arrive in our warehouse to begin shipping out to Kickstarter backers in March 2016, and will ship out to Store Horsemen customers after all of the Kickstarter backer orders have shipped.


This could be your last chance to get your hands on some of these incredible characters from the realm of Mythic Legions, so be sure to have your crossbows, your broadswords and your battering rams at the ready to storm the walls of Store Horsemen this Friday! For more images and info on the realms of Mythic Legions, please visit


This coming Monday, April 13th at 3pm EST both Store Horsemen and Action Figure Xpress will begin pre-orders for their 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusives! These pre-orders will run until Saturday, April 18th at 3pm.

Pricing and details about the sale will be posted on Monday before the pre-order begins, but until then here are a few images for you to drool over…






Earlier today we locked down all of the Mythic Legions Backerkit add-ons and orders. This means three things…

1) Your order has been locked down and you can no longer change the items in your order. This is done so that we can get the total production numbers ready and get those over to the factory ASAP so we can begin full production.

2) You can still change your shipping address between now and about a week or two before we begin shipping all of the rewards and add-ons. We’ll make an announcement just before we’re ready to lock the shipping addresses down.

3) Your account should now have been charged for all of the add-ons and orders you placed through Backerkit, and you should have received an email to the address you supplied through Kickstarter informing you that your account has either been charged, or that your account was for some reason declined. If you received a “declined” notice (it looks like there were 28 accounts declined), please check your account to make sure the necessary funds are available, and Backerkit will automatically try to re-charge your account periodically.

Thanks to all of you amazing Mythic Legions backers!! You’ve really helped to launch something that’s been a dream of ours for a while, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for this fun little property!


p.s. Oh, and for those wondering, above and beyond the $452,528.00 that was raised through the Mythic Legions Kickstarter, there was another $86,684.00 worth of new add-ons sold through the Mythic Legions Backerkit! That’s a grand total so far of $539,212.00!! Wow!! We absolutely can’t thank all of you enough.