Just a reminder that the pre-orders for the next group of Mythic Legions figures (ML1.5) will begin tomorrow – Friday February 26th – at 3:00pm EST. We’re going to run this pre-order until Monday, March 14th at 3:00pm EST, so that only gives you a couple of weeks to get your orders in for this pre-order release. Depending on the amount of pre-orders we get, there may be some up for sale through Store Horsemen again once the figures are in stock, but if there are, we don’t expect there to by too many, so pre-ordering now is your best bet to get the characters you want before they’re gone.

We apologize for the short pre-order time period, but we’re trying to get these pre-orders done and get the final orders in to the factory so that they can be finished and shipped to us in time for the figures to make their debut at the 2016 Power Con in June. It’s going to be tight, but it’s a good possibility that we can do it. The two trolls may take slightly longer, but we’re going to have them finished as well. Fingers crossed.

In the current images we have, the Forest Troll isn’t shown with a weapon. Rest assured that he will come with a huge spiked mace, and as soon as we have new photos of him with that, we’ll be posting them. Some of the other images are also shown with different weapons than were shown at the 2016 Toy Fair. The figures that were shown at Toy Fair a couple weeks ago depict a more accurate representation of the weapons they will each have.

It’s time to begin expanding the Legions. Tomorrow is your chance to start. Don’t miss out!



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